About Us

Phil’s Place offers a friendly, laid back, close-knit atmosphere, consisting of the most caring community people.

A bar which was opened by Phil in 2008 (Formerly Johnson’s Tavern) has:

Outdoor seating
One pool table (75 cents to play!)
Horseshoe pits (where the horseshoe league meets every Friday)
Internet Jukebox
Corn hole games (anyone who wants to play with a team meets on Wednesdays)
APA Pool on Mondays and Thursdays (See the Pool League tab for pool team info.)
Free Pool Sundays from noon till 3pm
Jenga & Beer Pong on some days (just sign up to follow our blog)

This bar offers a fun, almost beach-like atmosphere (minus the water 😀 ), and a variety to drink, including beer, wine AND Liquor.

Bar Food is also available, including fried shrimp baskets, fries, pizza, and bar snacks.

So come out and visit our Very Special Hole In The Wall, where you will See the Love and Get to Know What the Hype is all about!


We also have coozies for sale! Only $1

Coozies for sale
Coozies for sale

Corn Hole

Every Wednesday while the weather is favorable! Boards are also available for play any day you choose. Have a group of friends that want to play? Just let the bartender know and they will get you set up! Thanks and here’s to Summer fun, cheers!

Corn Hole Wednesdays
Corn Hole Wednesdays